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Dec. 27th, 2009

ttc baby made by cru5h

4+ Years

I haven't updated in a really long time, and if I took the time to type everything out that has happened since September, it would be a LONG entry! Anyway, I had my lap on Sept. 11. I went on my second cycle of injects the next week... I had an IUI on Sept. 28th and on October 15th, I tested and got a 'pregnant' on a digital. Two blood tests later, we had confirmation that we were FINALLY pregnant! We're due June 21, and as of tomorrow, I am 15 weeks along. My family and friends know now and this is our 10 week scan:

We find out the sex on January 25! :)

Jul. 31st, 2009

ttc baby made by cru5h


I feel so bloated and gross today :o/ I don't care what Vince says, I feel like I HAVE put on weight since I started taking fertility meds. It's not very noticeable but *I* notice it, especially when my jeans are a bit too tight. pfft.

tomorrow is our first IUI on injectibles. With me luck :)

Jul. 27th, 2009

ttc baby made by cru5h


Well, I had my ultrasound and bloodwork today! I have had 76iu of Follistim injected on Wed/Thurs/Fri and then 150iu on Sat/Sun. They took my blood this morning to check my E2(?) levels and then I had my u/s.

A woman R/E came in to do it, since my R/E was still with people and I would have waited longer... she wasn't very talkative, since I'm so used to my R/E chatting the whole time. She pretty much just measured the follicles she found without saying much. If I was looking right, I think they found about 10(!) which she was was a lot... especially all at the same time... but that I'm responding really well to the injectibles. I asked her if that much was bad, since they could produce MANY eggs and sometimes R/E's cancel IUIs if there is a lot of follies since the risk of multiples is so high.

But this R/E said it was a lot, yes, but apparently MY R/E likes to see a lot since it gives you a better chance at pregnancy. And that you have to sometimes look at the benefits versus the risks. Personally, I would risk it and go for the IUI anyway if I had too many follicles. At this point.

Anyway, I should get my bloodwork back this afternoon and they're going to call with my new dose of Follistim. Only a few more days of shots and I'll be done for this month. thank goodness

Jul. 23rd, 2009

ttc baby made by cru5h

Shot #1

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I think I'm more scared of needles when it comes to anticipating the shot, because one it's in my skin, I totally relax. More or less. I have to do 75iu for three days and then 150 Sat/Sun before my ultrasound on Monday. The only sucky thing was Vince scratched me with the needle when he took it out, so that stung a bit :( He promised to do better tonight though LOL. Sooo... injectible cycle is now on it's way... *crosses fingers*

Jul. 21st, 2009

ttc baby made by cru5h

Step 2... 3? 4?

I am so bad at updating on a more frequent basis. Oh well. Anyway, the first 3 IUIs with Clomid failed. Obviously. More pregnant ladies, babies and baby showers, but it's getting a bit easier to deal with. My RE has put me on Follistim, with a trigger shot. I'll be injecting myself (or, Vince will be since I don't think I could needle myself) every night from cycle day 3 to 9... with ultrasounds and blood work to check my estrogen levels. Once they're producing good eggies, I'll trigger with the HCG shot (yay another shot) and then get an IUI and go back on Prometrium (to help my low progesterone deficiency).

Without insurance, the 2 cartridges of my meds would have been $500. Plus the IUI, plus the ultrasound and blood work costs... God sent me a miracle and it turns out my insurance DID cover the Follistim. We just changed insurance carriers this past June, so thank god... so instead of $500 for the Follistim alone, we spent $66 on the Follistim AND the trigger shot.

I am praying that this will help... my RE thinks I just have ovulatory issues, and he says the injectibles triple the pregnancy success rate that Clomid had.

Please pray for us!

May. 15th, 2009

ttc baby made by cru5h

(no subject)

I am GOING to get pregnant this year. Whether it be through some medical procedure, or naturally. It's happening. Because I say so.

Feb. 7th, 2007

ttc baby made by cru5h

Month 23

So after putting it off 2 more months I am finishing my testing this month. Not looking forward to it as the biopsy hurt, but hopefully they'll get some answers this time from it. It cost me $100 alone for my last two tests, both of which I flunked! PFFT. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that this month they'll be able to give me answers. I am one month away from TTC for 2 years.

Oct. 30th, 2006

ttc baby made by cru5h

Happy Halloween!

Saw my Doctor today. No more caffiene for me. SOBS. OMG...seriously...no more cappucinos, or hazelnut coffee. EEEEEP. Decaf Tea. ARG.

Have 2 tests...he urged me to get them done this month so he knows what the next step is.

He thinks, based on my tests and Vince's, that I'll need insemination (IUI). *sigh* But he made me feel more optimistic, as did Vince...so we're just going to see what happens.

Good vibes and prayers would be nice :)

PS - I have a new layout for this journal. Its cute!

Sep. 8th, 2006

ttc baby made by cru5h

18 Long Months

I think I am pretty close to not "trying" anymore. It's tiring, stressful and doesn't help make the process any better. I'm past the phase of thinking something might be wrong with me, and going onto the 'maybe I'm just not meant to be a mom' phase. I keep saying that if it DOES happen, it'll mean that much more, and it's true. But right now it also seems like...like lottery. You know that feeling "what would I do if I won the lottery?" and you get all happy about it, then you get back to reality...winning the lottery is probably never going to be an event that happens in your life. That's how I feel right now. If I did get pregnant, I wouldn't believe it. My brain has already decided it's never going to happen and putting myself through tests every month and having (HEY SISTERS: TMI ALERT) insert A into slot B sex isn't very exciting or romantic, or a way I want a baby conceived.

It'll happen if it's meant too, I guess. There's not much else I can do about it at this point.

Jan. 20th, 2006

ttc baby made by cru5h

Thinking Ahead

So I have been thinking (der) about how I would tell Vince if I ever see those two little pink lines. A part of me thinks I'd squeal and give it away...another thinks I'd probably run to him right away, or call him and tell him the news. But I really want to surprise him when it DOES happen. I thought about buying a fathering book...Parenting for Dummies or something, lol, wrapping it up with the positive test inside and giving it to him. I dunno. I think of all these ways to tell him creatively, but deep down I'd probably just rush to him, wherever he was, and tell him. lol. We'll see.

I also have to admit that I'm relieved we didn't get pregnant last year...being downsized, I lost my insurance, which would have been BAD for us if I were already pregnant. Then I got a new job, but wouldn't get new insurance until 2/1/06. Then Veen was let go too and we were in a financial crunch through December. I do think God was looking out for us. Getting pregnant before you have insurance/a job is a big risk, as many insurance companies consider if a pre-existing condition and won't cover it. I have to say thinking back, it was a bit of a relief. And now that 2/1 is around the corner, I'll have insurance again, and Veen will likely have a great job (I am knocking on wood and praying as it isn't official yet).

So I suppose I will see what 2006 has in store for us both, but I am keeping fingers and toes crossed :D

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